Flame Pots

Flamepots in cultural performance
Flame pots on stage
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Flame Pots
Note flame pots are
now supplied painted
black as standard.


The flame pot is designed to produce a solid flame 1.5 metres high and 400mm in diameter, lasting between one to seven seconds, according to your order. The longer-lasting ones have a far more 'gentle' appearance.


Flame pots make an initial pop sound followed by a low whoosh.


Most of the flame pots we sell have 'glitter' added, which gives them more impact - tiny white stars shooting to 3 metres. If you have a ceiling height of less than 3 metres, we recommend the non-glitter version.


We have just improved our range of colours. Blue and yellow are now available in addition to white, orange, red and green, and the red and green are more intense than they used to be.

Usage Suggestions

As a theatrical device, because of their surprise start and fade out ending, they need something dramatic to come in over the top of them. Otherwise they will lose their impressive initial impact.

Flame pots work well in conjunction with a second line of maroons or stage flashes as they die down.

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