Indoor Fireworks

Indoor fireworks trainingLow-smoke indoor fireworks are a perfect solution for occasions where space is premium. They’re great for adding punch to concerts, theatre productions and events.

Indoor pyro is manufactured to tight standards with low smoke and slight variation in height. This means it can safely be used indoors, close to your audience and performers.

Firework Professionals manufacture a wide range of indoor effects like flame pots, gerbs, maroons, fireballs, and fountains to your specifications for height and duration. Firework Professionals is also the New Zealand agent for high-quality Ultratec and LeMaitre proximate pyrotechnics. We import brands such as RES and MPA pyrotechnics for world-class touring productions.

Firework Simulators

DMX-controlled firework simulators are an excellent alternative for venues where pyrotechnics can’t be used.  Firework simulators are cold* spark fountains that produce jets of beautiful silver sparks up to five metres into the air.

With a touch button DMX control system, they can efficiently be run in bursts, waves or crescendos and even synchronised to music. They can safely be used outdoors or indoors in a confined venue, with a small amount of visible smoke and next to no smell. These can run continuously for up to 8 minutes and a total of 20 minutes before refilling**

They’re an easy-to-use, plug-and-play system, and with no pyrotechnics or licenses needed, they can be freely shipped around the country.  We have eight of these available for daily or weekly hire.

* The sparks naturally produce some heat but will not harm exposed skin if it contacts the sparks accidentally and briefly
* It is recommended that smoke detectors be isolated as the non-visible smoke may set them off.
* Run intermittently; a tank will last much longer.

Indoor Pyro Training

Along with manufacturing and importing indoor fireworks, Firework Professionals offer the only comprehensive indoor training course in NZ. Adding an indoor Certified Handler qualification is an excellent asset for theatre and lighting techs. We have a pool of highly experienced and licensed technicians available nationwide.

Talk to us today about adding indoor and proximate pyro to your next show or production.