Fireworks in Auckland

Christmas fireworks at Westfield, Auckland
For 30 years Firework Professionals has been there when Aucklanders want to celebrate as a community, as a company, or as a city providing exciting and spectacular firework shows.

We have done traditional fireworks, fireworks choreographed to music, as well as fireworks from helicopters and barges.

Fireworks over the Harbour

Firework Professionals have a great team in Auckland who have worked on giant harbour firework shows in Auckland Harbour.

The largest was on three barge linked by radio communications to synchronise of firing. Auckland was the first place in New Zealand to have fireworks from a helicopter at the Twinings Iced Tea Skyshow Spectacular.

Auckland Firework Show for 175th Anniversary

For the 175th Anniversary of Auckland, Firework Professionals designed a barge show incorporating three vessels spaced three hundred meters apart. (Here’s what it looked like)

Community Fireworks

The Spooks and Sparks show in Henderson is a great favourite with the local community and is one of the longest choreographed shows performed in New Zealand. (Here’s the 2015 version of our fireworks)

And we were there with the Westfield Christmas firework shows.

Special Effects

Before Twinings Iced Tea Skyshow Spectacular firework show there was an aerial bombing run by 8 Harvard T6 WWII training aircraft, and Firework Professionals created anti-aircraft shell bursts and giant fireballs for the bomb bursts. (Yes, we do special effects too)

But our effects can be also used indoors such as in the Auckland Town Hall.

Fireworks for Auckland

Whether it is a wedding or Guy Fawkes or a multinational conference, let us add excitement to your event with your very own fireworks display.

"Thanks for a stunning 1812 Pyro display – just wow! Speechless as always to the story you tell through colour, pyro choice, musical interpretation and precision timing. But it is appreciated and noted."

Sheena Events Co-ordinator Sparks 2018


What a great firework display!!!   It really was spectacular and everyone is talking about it!!

The whole evening was a huge success with the Fireworks being the highlight!!

Thank you so much for all that you and your team have done to make it happen."

Claire Events Team Lyttelton Harbour Festival of Lights

“Thanks first of all for the best fireworks display I have seen off the pier. It was mind blowingly AWESOME! Massive congratulations to your team. I found at all times your team easy to work with and communication lines were always open. The way that they conducted themselves was typical to what we have come to expect out of Firework Professionals.."

Simon Events Production Co-ordinator, CCC (2012)

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