Pyromusicals are our favourite firework shows to produce. Adding music to fireworks brings another level of complexity, where technical skills combine with the art and immediacy of fireworks to make for an exciting live performance. A great soundtrack, creative design, and precision firing are critical to creating pyro-musical displays.

International competitions offer pyrotechnicians from all around the world the chance to gather and showcase their skills. Firework Professionals has represented New Zealand in four pyro-musical competitions in France, Germany and China since 2002. In 2018, we competed in the Hanover International fireworks festival and won 2nd prize.  Here’s an excerpt from the show.

As well as overseas competitions, we design and fire shows for events around Aotearoa. We’re here to create the perfect show for your event and theme. Contact us to take your fireworks display to the next level of pyrotechnic extravaganza!