Speedway Fireworks

Racing fuel and methanol not enough to get your fire going? Sounds like a speedway firework show is just what you need!

Firework Professionals has been providing fireworks displays for the New Zealand motor sport industry for decades. We’ve been supplying fireworks and producing shows for Woodford Glen, Ruapuna Speedway, Beachlands and Nelson speedway to name a few.

We are always happy to work around whatever restrictions are in place at the track, we know the motor sport industry has strict rules and guidelines just as we in the pyrotechnics indusry do.

Speedway Plus Special Effects

Another perk that Firework Professionals can bring to your speedway event, is our use of proximate special effects. These include our  high safety solid fuel fireballs made specially by FPL for your event.

We do the paperwork

And remember, all of our displays are customized around your location and budget. We take care of all the logistics and paperwork, leaving you and your audience free to sit back and enjoy the racing and the show.  So please, talk to us today about a free no obligation quote.

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