Photos from some of the last forty years of Firework Professionals pyrotechnics. Outdoor firework shows and pyromusicals, stage and proximate pyro, confetti & streamers, and special effects.
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Hannover International Fireworks Competition

Track from our 2nd prize winning show at the 2018 Hannover International Fireworks Competition. Music by Siva Pacifica.

2018 Treetech Fireworks Spectacular

Finale track from our Anthems of Rock themed show in Christchurch.

Firework Professionals Ltd - Showreel

Precision choreographed fireworks displays for all budgets, events and special occasions.

Treetech fireworks spectacular - David Bowie tribute show excerpt

Our tribute to the late David Bowie, a fireworks display choreographed to his music. This is a short cut from the show, featuring some of our manufactured special effects mixed in with the more traditional fireworks. watch the full length version on Vimeo

Trusts Arena 2015 - excerpt

Some excerpts from our pyromusical show at Trusts Arena, Auckland 2015. This show was set to a collection of movie soundtracks, and ran for just under 16 minutes. You can watch the full length version on Vimeo

Christchurch Pier "Back to the Future" - excerpt

It seemed only fitting to do a “Back to the Future” show in 2015 at the Treetech Fireworks Spectacular at New Brighton Pier. We designed and set the show entirely to music from the second film.

The Youth Commonwealth Games - Samoa

The 2015 Youth Commonwealth Games were held in Samoa for the first time. Our crew traveled from New Zealand to fire this closing ceremony display, as well as a smaller opening ceremony display using proximate pyrotechnic products. Both shows were very well recieved by the local community as well as the overseas visitors.

Treetech Fireworks Spectacular - Jaws excerpt

A short section from our 2014 Guy Fawkes fireworks show on the New Brighton Pier in Christchurch. The show was set to a series of spooky movie themes, including some classics: Beetlejuice, The Addams Family, and Jaws as featured here.

Video links for mobile users :

Hannover International Fireworks Competition – Track from our 2nd prize winning pyromusical

Treetech Fireworks Spectacular – From our Anthems of Rock Themed show

Firework Professionals Ltd – Showreel – Quality displays throughout NZ and the Pacific.

Christchurch Pier 2016 %22Bowie%22 – excerpt – A firework show tribute to the late David Bowie.

Trusts Arena 2015 – excerpts – Some excerpts from our choreographed performance at Trusts Arena, Auckland.

Christchurch Pier 2015 %22Back to the Future%22 – excerpt – “Back to the Future” themed show at the Treetech Fireworks Spectacular.

The 2015 Youth Commonwealth Games – Samoa – Our crew traveled to Samoa for this closing ceremony display.

Christchurch Pier 2014 – Jaws excerpt – A short section from our 2014 fireworks show on the Christchurch Pier.

Confetti and Streamer Photos

We stock a large range of confetti and streamer products, a fun and cost effective way to making events more memorable.

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Special Effects Photos

Just some of the special effects Firework Professionals have created over the last forty years, along with some shots from our specialised SPFX training courses.

If you need special effects for live events and for film, talk to us today.

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