Confetti and Streamers

FPL Confetti at New Zealand America's Cup paradeConfetti and streamers are always a crowd-pleaser, suitable in most locations and venues, indoor or outdoor. They’re great for all celebrations.

Firework Professionals stock a wide range of confetti, streamers and cannons, available loose or packed into easy-to use cannons with your choice of delivery methods.

New Year’s Eve is always a night for confetti, streamers and fireworks. And every other day too for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and parties; award ceremonies, promotions, film shoots, sporting events, and full scale ticker tape parades.

Range of colours, shapes & materials

Our range of streamer and confetti fills is available in disposable, biodegradable and in shiny metallic paper finishes, either pre-filled or custom filled for you.  We can make cannons individually labelled with your company logo or personal design, as well as special shaped confetti to represent your event or brand. We stock completely dissolvable rice paper confetti in loose white confetti or multi coloured pre-filled handheld cannons. Rice paper is perfect for outdoor venues as you simply hose down the confetti and it will disappear overnight.

Multiple ways of delivering the confetti

We have simple twist top cannons, DMX and electric firing options:
Hand held fire-it-yourself pressurized gas cannons in two sizes –
40cm & 80cm, prefilled with tissue, metallic or dissolvable confetti, or filled with your own colour choices
Electric or DMX fired 40cm or 80cm cannons and cannon launchers
– DMX confetti droppers fired from a lighting rig
– DMX confetti blowers fired from ground level
– Large electric powered cannons
– Loose or metallic or eco-friendly biodegradable tissue  confetti and metallic hearts and stars
– Streamer tubes in tissue or metallic colours.
With options starting from $20, we have confetti and streamer options for every budget.

Have a look our range to shop now or contact us to discuss your event ideas and occasion.