Professional Firework Displays

Fireworks bring communities together

Firework Professionals Picture C. Marek

Firework Professionals in Germany. Picture C. Marek

For the best professional fireworks shows, talk to us at Firework Professionals.

Community gatherings, festivals, concerts, sporting, corporate events, and personal celebrations are all enhanced by fireworks.

We custom design shows in the perfect mix of duration, colour, effects and intensity, carefully selected to suit the venue and occasion.

Firework Professionals produce pyrotechnic effects to order – indoor fireworks and special effects, and outdoor pyrotechnics such as mines, fireballs and large calibre star shells that can’t be imported into NZ.

Pyromusicals – Fireworks synchronised to music

An aspect of the work we love most is pyro musicals choreographed to live or recorded music. Marrying fireworks and music creates a unique display.

Firework Professionals is the only company in New Zealand invited to four international pyro-musical firework competitions, the most recent in Germany in 2018, where we won 2nd prize for our show.

Trained Pyrotechnicians and training courses

Licensed Certified Handlers and CSL holders with the required compliance certificates can purchase our quality pyrotechnics year-round. We run comprehensive training courses for those wishing to learn the art. And while we don’t sell retail fireworks to the public, we offer training and certification for domestic fireworks.

A show just for you

You might be surprised by how affordable a professional fireworks show can be. Our displays are tailor-made to suit your occasion, location and budget. We handle all the logistics, leaving you and your audience to sit back and enjoy your night.
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