Small group Approved Handler Level 1 – 3 training in outdoor and indoor pyrotechnics, special effects, and battle simulation effects.

With a limit of 6 students per course, we focus on giving you the most thorough training available. Multiple training venues offer you the practical challenges you’ll find as a professional technician with informative lectures from internationally respected test certifier Anthony Lealand.

Our trainers are all full time technicians who have been doing displays and competitions, providing training and lecturing in pyrotechnics for more than twenty years. We can tailor your training to your requirements, and offer training upgrades and large shell firing to qualified Approved Handlers.

Certification is not automatic and we reserve the right to screen applicants and to withhold qualifications for unsuitable candidates.

Approved Handlers must hold a Controlled Substance Licence, which we can assist you with obtaining, once you have met the EPA requirements for training.

Please note that no student loans or allowances can be approved for these courses as there are currently no NZQA approved courses for pyrotechnics.

Age limit – 17 years.

All courses held in Christchurch.