Firework shows bring communities together

Community fireworks in Auckland by Firework ProfessionalsFirework Professionals design and fire stunning and safe firework shows New Zealand wide for all events and occasions. Community and corporate events, concerts and sporting events, and private events like birthdays and weddings are all enhanced with fireworks. To celebrate major anniversaries such as Auckland’s 175th birthday, we’ll design firework shows for you with a unique local flavour.

As well as working in NZ, we also travel to the Pacific Islands to celebrate important events and milestones. A team highlight has been joining our pacific neighbours in Samoa and American Samoa to mark important dates. These include Samoa’s 50 years of Independence, America’s 4th of July celebrations, and the 2015 Samoa Youth Commonweath Games.

Fireworks with Music

Another aspect of the work Firework Professionals relish is designing  pyromusical firework shows. We design these for overseas competitions and major events like November 5th – Guy Fawkes Day.

Pyrotechnics – Indoors as well as Outdoors

Beautiful comets, zigzagging multishot mines, and thunderous starshells are just some of the traditional outdoor fireworks we stock. Firework Professionals also produce pyrotechnic effects to order. Our manufactured effects include a wide range of  indoor fireworks and special effects.  FPL manufacture outdoor pyrotechnics such as mines, fireballs and large calibre starshells that can’t be imported into NZ.

Trained Pyro Technicians and Training

Licenced Approved Handlers and CSL holders can buy our quality professional pyrotechnics from us all year round. And while we don’t sell retail fireworks to the public, we do offer training and certification for businesses selling these fireworks.

A Firework Display for You

All of Firework Professionals’ displays are tailor-made to suit your location and budget. You might be surpised by how affordable community fireworks show can be. We take care of all the logistics, leaving you and your audience to just sit back and enjoy the show.

If you’d like a firework display to boost your next event, talk to us today.

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