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Firework Professionals is a fully New Zealand owned company. We have been providing exciting firework displays for over 30 years - within New Zealand and internationally. Whether you are wanting a large sky show choreographed to music or a small show with ground based fireworks or stage pyrotechnics we at Firework Professionals have the expertise to deliver stunning displays worldwide; from Whangarei to Invercargill and everywhere in between.

But we offer more than fireworks, Firework Professionals have a wide range of confetti and streamers and special effects.

For those who want to learn to use professional fireworks safely (and legally) we offer comprehensive Approved Handler training in outdoor and indoor pyrotechnics, special effects, and battle simulation effects.

TV NZ, Dancing with the Stars (Wellington).
Dancing with the Stars - Firework Professionals Ltd fireworks crafted for our client (TV NZ) for this special venue

For some special effects and specialist pyro we also manufacture to order. We can create special shells such as one that explodes with a letter or simple shape; stage pyro to unique specifications; and a range of custom SPFX.

News Flash

FPL fireworks at Classical Sparks 2016, Christchurch.
Classical Sparks is always eagerly anticipated as it gives us a chance to show out technical and artistic skills. We often do great firework shows choreographed to recorded music; it is an exciting challenge to see how a soundscape can be transformed into bursts of light and sound. Then the challenge is to execute it taking into account time delays due to fusing, rise times, and audience distance.

But Classical Sparks is a live event. We need to allow for slight changes in pacing as a live orchestra plays the music. We must have done it right as one of the percussionist wrote to us:

The timing and taste of the Classical Sparks performance was such that it sounded like an off stage member of the percussion section.
I am very picky about whom I choose for my percussion team - you would be welcome any day.
Glows all round:
It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and I agree with the "others" that your choreography was amazing!
And the audience loved it too:
I loved the way the lights came from all directions and they seemed to dance with the music. You and your team gave us a wonderful treat.

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