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Firework Professionals is a fully New Zealand owned company. We have been providing exciting firework displays for over 30 years - within New Zealand and internationally. Whether you are wanting a large sky show choreographed to music – or a small show with ground based fireworks – or stage pyrotechnics – we at Firework Professionals have the expertise to deliver stunning displays worldwide; from Whangarei to Invercargill and everywhere in between.

But we offer more than fireworks, Firework Professionals have a wide range of confetti and streamers and special effects.

For those who want to learn to use professional fireworks safely (and legally) we offer comprehensive Approved Handler training in outdoor and indoor pyrotechnics, special effects, and battle simulation effects.

Fireworks fountains at Wearable Arts, Nelson.
An interesting group of men surrounded by roaring jets
of the firework fountains at Wearable Arts, Nelson

For some special effects and specialist pyro we also manufacture to order. We can create special shells – such as one that explodes with a letter or simple shape; stage pyro to unique specifications; and a range of custom SPFX.

News Flash

Christchurch Pier Fireworks Show 2014.
At Firework Professionals we love a challenge. This year’s theme for the fireworks show on Christchurch’s Pier was “Halloween”. We picked lots of spooky music and then worked out how to use the fireworks to make the music come alive. Our fireworks didn’t so much scare as dance (that’s why we call this sort of show a choreographed fireworks display). The audience could hear the music from loudspeakers on site – or could tune their radios to the Breeze.

You get the best idea of how it works by watching our video of the fireworks on online.

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