Firework Professional Ltd provided the sparkle when the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern opened the University of Canterbury’s Earnest Rutherford Building on 15 February.

The Rutherford Building

The Rutherford Building is stage 1 of the $220 million Rutherford Regional Science and Innovation Centre (RRSIC). Jacinda Ardern and a volcanologist (with a volcano on his head) started a sequence of 32 gerbs as the building was declared officially open in front of hundreds of invited guests, including the geophysicist Professor Mary Fowler, great-granddaughter of Lord Rutherford. (More details in University of Canterbury News)


The 32 gerbs were carefully quality controlled with respect to height and duration. (A gerb is a type of firework which produces a jet of sparks). They formed a pattern best seen from the audience rather than the perspective of the pyrotechnian.