For Kidsfest In July  2017 we fired a little show in Christchurch’s Margaret Mahy Playground, memorable for the crowd as it included one of our rarely seen Maltese firework wheels. This wheel was last used at a Cashel St mall display in 2013. It’s an unusual contraption, loaded with colored firework lances, electrically powered for reliable and safe “rocket free” operation, which means it can be used in close proximity to audiences. This particular wheel has an unusual movement in that it twists through itself rather than rotating around the center. Given its safe proximate nature, it really complements our stage and stadium firework effects in spaces where traditional fireworks aren’t an option for legal and safety reasons. Get in touch with us today if you have an event that you would like to see come to life with one of our Maltese wheels.

fireworks wheel at kidsfest 2017