Guy Fawkes is Coming!

The time is coming in New Zealand when retail fireworks can be sold. We do not sell domestic fireworks however we are involved in training those who do.

Yes, that is right not only are there special regulations covering the fireworks that can be sold (they are not the same as the pyro you get in a professional fireworks show) but each place has to have at least one person trained in the safety, storage and tracking of the fireworks themselves (this person is known as an “Approved Handler”). That’s where we come in.

Training Approved Handlers

Online Training with Anthony
In the old days you had a choice of taking time off work and spending a day or so learning about the regulations – or you might be given the regs and have to work it all out with some written guidance. Now Firework Professionals offer online training. We have a number of short videos each looking one aspect of what the trainee needs to know. They can view each video as often as they like – and next year they can use it for revision.

The course is on Udemy and with the coupon code FPLWEB you can save 20%.