It is possible to love fireworks and to care for the environment, and Firework Professionals is focused on achieving our sustainability goals. We’ve devised some really effective methods for reducing waste.

The soft plastics used for rain protection for the fireworks are removed before the show if there’s no sign of bad weather, and reused at the next display. Cardboard boxes and packaging are reused or recycled, and cardboard tubes from the single shot mines are cleaned to make excellent firewood kindling for us to use over winter.

We recycle all our metals, including copper igniter wire and steel wire, and metal waste from home is recycled too. We have compost bins at the back of our warehouse where cardboard and clay bungs are broken down to make an a great compost.  And Magenta, a keen gardener, uses the multi shot cake tubes to grow seedlings for planting in local community gardens.

By using these methods, we were able to achieve over 80% waste diversions at our last major event, YES Power Sparks in Christchurch. We also support local charity Creative Junk by donating old mortar tubes, streamers and confetti and all the interesting bits and pieces we have around the warehouse.