Our latest course – “Professional Firework Safety Essentials” is now available online at Udemy. And it’s free!

Online “Professional Firework Safety Essentials” Content

This course provides an overview of basic safety when working with fireworks. It covers things to consider before the show, how to set up your workspace, handling pyro, packing out afterwards, simple tips on crowd control, and equipment for firefighting.

In 35 minutes Anthony shares his 40 odd years of experience as he takes you through the minimum safety considerations from the studio but also with a range of demonstrations. You can see first-hand why not to cut an ignitor with side cutters – or why you should keep your head away from the mortars. You are shown examples of both good and bad practice (the latter with some of the consequences).

Outdoor Fireworks Training Suite

Outdoor training suiteThis is the first of a series of courses that build into the preparation for the Outdoor Practical course. At present only the “Safety Essentials” and the “Basic Rigging for Firework Shows” are available (with the coupon code FPLWEB you can save 20% on this course).

Over time the full set of courses will be available. There will be discount available through us for the full suite – but at the moment you can do the courses as they come available and use the 20% discount. Money you have already paid for the courses will be taken into account when you pay for the full suite.

To qualify for the practical, you will have needed to have completed all lectures, quizzes, and assignments for the qualification you are interested in (for example if you are not going to fire large starshells you do not need to do that course).

Check out the course now

We hope this course will be of value to many people working, or who intend to work, in the fireworks industry. To join Udemey all you need to do is sign up with your email address.

The course can be found on: www.udemy.com/professional-firework-safety-essentials