“Star Wars” Fireworks – New Brighton Pier, Christchurch.

For the 40th anniversary of this genre defining classic we designed this year’s pyromusical firework show for the Treetech Guy Fawkes Fireworks Spectacular with a “Star Wars” theme.

With repair work to the pier underway, set up space was limited by scaffolding and other obstacles. But at Firework Professionals Ltd, we work through logistical problems to make sure the show goes ahead, despite the challenges. We worked closely with Fulton Hogan to manage the access issues, and found them very accommodating and helpful. High winds throughout the day also made working difficult, and at times threatened to see the event cancelled. However the wind dropped considerably as night fell, which is often the case – certainly in Canterbury.

Using music we especially selected from the first of the movies, the show ran for around 11 minutes. It was simulcast via The Breeze for the benefit of spectators at greater distances. Those on the beach were treated to twice the show, with beautiful reflections from the wet sand.  Reflections are a great advantage that barge shows and other shows over water offer over land bases shows.

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Christchurch Pier fireworks 2017 Star Wars - starshell petals

Brocade starshell with green candles

Pier fireworks 2017 finale

Christchurch Pier fireworks 2017 - Star Wars