After a trying year for the events industry, we were very relieved and grateful to have had our crews out working over the summer event season. We fired shows all throughout the country, from Auckland to the Catlins in the deep South, for an array of community and sporting events, fundraisers and festivals.

As racing began for the 36th Amercia’s Cup we were asked to put together a display on the evening of the winning team’s celebrations. The crew leapt into action to produce a stunning harbour display, after Team New Zealand retained the cup. The show featured 10″ and 12″ star shells hand made by Firework Professionals.

For those interested in training, we have indoor and outdoor courses coming up – so have a look at our training page for dates.

And don’t forget if you don’t have the space or budget for a fireworks display, we have firework simulator effects and a great range of confetti and streamer options.